Blue River Motel - Calimanesti Romania

About Blue River Motel

Built in a modern architecture, Blue River Motel is rated at 3 stars and it is located in a charming natural frame on the banks of Olt river, in Calimanesti Seaca. The motel offers tourists services of accommodation, restaurant, a terrace and a bar area, all of a high standard, services which are provided by professional staff.

Blue River Motel is within easy - reach ( 45.209884, 24.368010 ), situated on the European Road E81 (DN7), and within close proximity of The Centre of Exhibits North Oltenia, at a distance of 12 km from Ramnicu Valcea and 4 km from the centre of Caciulata resort, near Cozia National Park.

Motel Blue River - Calimanesti
  • Credit card payment
  • Easy access from European Road E81
  • Supervised private parking
  • Free Wi-Fi within the premises
  • Access to GPL station
  • Barbecue grill
  • Access to picnic area
  • Fishing in Calimanesti –Daesti barrier lake, on Olt river.

Tourist attractions

Blue River Motel is situated within the proximity of many tourist attractions. Therefore, you can visit the following monasteries: Cozia, Turnu, Stanisoara, Ostrov, Frasinei.

Those interested in the history of Roman occupation can visit the Roman Castrum Arutela, the Roman Castrum Radacinesti or Traian’s table. Tourists can also go for a walk in Cozia National Park, where the vegetation and the wildlife is exceptional.

You can also reach Cozia Aqua Park in Caciulata resort and the nearby pools. Blue River Motel can be a stopover on your way to Transalpina or Transfagarasan.